Illuminata Skin Care



CYNTHIA QUAN, Owner/Esthetician

Cynthia Quan, founder of Illuminata Skin Care, left a pressure-cooker corporate career path when she realized her calling. The San Francisco native was a continual acne sufferer and avowed sun worshipper, stuck in a vicious cycle of covering up her dehydrated, hyperpigmented, acne-irritated skin with heavy doses of foundation that made the embarrassing breakouts even worse.

Her skin was a mess.

With nothing left to lose, Cynthia resolved to find a solution that didn't rely upon topical medications and expensive foundations. She began a regimen of regular facials with the goal of achieving healthy, glowing skin - and never wearing foundation again. Under the guidance of a talented mentor esthetician, these facials using gentler, botanical-based treatments yielded some dramatic improvements.

Eventually, Cynthia gleefully disposed of every bottle of foundation and topical acne treatment she owned.

She was so affected by the visible change in her own skin, Cynthia decided to dedicate her career to helping others suffering from similar skin conditions - from dehydrated and blotchy to confused and congested skin. Now a skilled and licensed esthetician, she has developed her own approach to restorative skin care that bridges the gulf between soothing-but-ineffective spa treatments and harsh, results-driven clinical treatments.

Cynthia's results-oriented method eschews harsh chemicals and detergents, so don't expect to undergo invasive peels or microdermabrasion. Do expect to enjoy a relaxing Illuminata skin treatment that will gently lead you towards achieving radiant and more youthful-looking skin.

NATALIE CRANE, Esthetician

Natalie Crane has been with Illuminata since 2013 and loves helping clients work towards improving their skin. She believes that discipline is the key to achieving beautiful, radiant skin. When you find a regimen that works for your skin, be consistent and stick with it. Natalie advises to eat properly, get enough sleep, and exercise which all contribute to the overall health of one's skin.

She suffered from acne as a teen and from hormonal acne in her early 30's so her personal experience and empathy runs deep.

Natalie has a B.A. in Communications from St. Mary's College in Moraga. She graduated from the Cinta Aveda Institute in Downtown San Francisco and obtained her Clinical Esthetics Certification from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics in Daly City.

In addition to her esthetics license, Natalie is a Massage Practitioner, earning her certification at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork.


Born in Mill Valley, Lana Lindkvist shared lots of clothes and make-up growing up with two "very girly" sisters. She always loved helping people and making them feel good, so when her mom took her for her first facial, shortly after high school graduation, she immediately knew what she wanted to do with her future. "The facial I got that day literally changed my life. I knew I wanted to help people not only to relax and feel good, but also to help them understand the complexity of their skin," she says.

She jumped head first into esthetician school, intent on soaking up as much training and knowledge as possible. It's been four years since becoming licensed and her passion for skin care continues to grow.

A perfect match for Illuminata's non-invasive approach to restorative skin care, Lana has always taken a very natural approach. She advocates using certain basics at home: a gentle cleanser, good moisturizer for day and night, eye cream, sunblock, and some type of exfoliant. She believes for skin to look its best, you must have a good relationship with your body and understand that, if you have skin problems, it takes time and patience to get it glowing.

Lana believes stress plays a big role in the appearance of skin, so she makes sure you are fully relaxed and enjoying every minute in your "happy place" when on the treatment bed.

She says, "I often close my eyes and let my fingertips do the work to really feel the skin and understand what's going on under the surface. Because everyone's skin is so different, it is a real mystery to try to figure out what works best for an individual and it is a mystery that I love solving."